Smiles from Scotland to Malawi

Two dentists from Scotland, Nigel and Vicky Milne, headed back to Malawi in September to continue the work of the dental charity they set up in 2012, Smileawi. They were assisted in their work by a donation of inSafe Safety Syringes from Astek Innovations.

Alan Segal, MD of Astek Innovations, was more than pleased to be able to help “The work that Smileawi is undertaking in both prevention and treatment of dental problems is fantastic and we are thrilled that by donating inSafe Safety Syringes we are able to help them in their amazing endeavours and wish them every luck and success on their trip.”

Nigel and Vicky, who practice in Dunoon, travelled to northern Malawi in 2012 to assess the dental services. They were overwhelmed by what they found and came home with the determination to try to do something to help.

Smileawi was set up to try and improve the dental services in the areas of northern Malawi that they visited. Their aim is to provide basic and safe dentistry to a population which otherwise has a very limited access to dental services.

In September Nigel, Vicky and a team of dental colleagues travelled back to Malawi where they:

  • Treated over 1000 patients in pain
  • Extracted over 1400 teeth

To support them in their work Astek Innovations donated five inSafe Complete Surgery Kits with additional supporting consumables to facilitate the local anaesthetics. The inSafe Safety Syringe System provides complete protection from the beginning of the medical procedure, through to the disposal of the needle. The specifically designed syringe protects the needle at all times and its partnering sharps container removes the contaminated needle in complete safety.

At the Smileawi Conference, the team demonstrated the inSafe System to the Malawian dental therapists who responded to it enthusiastically.

Nigel Milne of Smileawi is delighted with the donation saying “The HIV rate is currently 12.5% in Malawi. We had a larger team going out this year and it is essential to provide a safe working environment. inSafe is the safest system I have ever seen to avoid accidental inoculation injury. It was just one less thing to worry about.” Vicky added “the system was a fantastic addition to our kits”

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