Pro-Tip Turbo Overview

Pro-Tip Turbo is one of Astek Innovations’ main products. Pro-Tip Turbo is a disposable air-water syringe nozzle which addresses a number of issues that dentists can encounter on a daily basis with their existing syringe tips.

Some existing metal nozzles and a number of disposable nozzles leak water. Pro-Tip Turbo overcomes this with an exclusive bayonet locking system which attaches the tip firmly to the syringe at the base and a clear separation of air and water through two separate channels.

A recent convert to Pro-Tip Turbo Dr. Bob McClelland of Hale Dental Clinic said

I had previously used a disposable air/water syringe tip which was continually leaking water into the air. I contacted Astek Innovations directly to see if they could assist. Once the converter had been simply attached and a Pro-Tip Turbo tip locked on I had no problems with leakage at all. It took less than two minutes to resolve the problem and the air is always dry and the quality of the spray is excellent. I can now complete etching techniques with total confidence of receiving totally dry air every time I need it and I will continue to use Pro-Tip Turbo.

Another happy customer was Vinnie Thandi from Euston Dental Practice.

I have spent many frustrated clinical hours using substandard 3 in 1 tips. They either spin around or are loose in the fitting. They may shoot out of the fixing when I press on the air if I am lucky enough to get decent pressure coming through. Or I get the headache of water and air mixing so I cannot dry my cavity. I have tried many brands promising high quality no air water mixing with good pressure whilst using their tips.

Only one company has delivered. Astek.

I am very satisfied with these tips. Absolutely no water in the air. Fantastic pressure. Secure fitting with no chance of tips falling out. Thanks Gareth for finally solving my long lasting dilemma! I have now incorporated Pro-Tips in all 8 surgeries at the practice.”

James Robson of Identity Individual Dental Care has been using Pro-Tip Turbo for a while and was happy to share his thoughts:

I have used disposable 3-in-1 tips for a number of years now without being fully satisfied. However, clean, dry air is delivered predictably every time with Pro-Tip Turbo–essential for today's adhesive restorative dentistry. They certainly live up to the ‘turbo’ name with air/water being delivered at speed. The adapter was easy to fit to my A-dec unit and the bayonet design prevents any tips shooting off. They offer great value too always a consideration for disposable items.

It is not just dentists who have been impressed with the efficacy of Pro-Tip Turbo. Global Dental – a dental design, fit and engineering company now use Pro-Tip Turbo, with Managing Director Ryan Devenish commenting

I think Pro-Tip is an excellent product, not just because it is excellent at maintaining the air and water separation, but also because using these tips massively reduces the wear of the o-rings on the 3 way syringes. The adaptor is really easy to fit, and I'm not sure if we've ever had to replace one yet. It's meant that we have a lot less call outs to leaking 3 way syringes…”

To find out more about Pro-Tip Turbo and its benefits please click here.

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