Alma Papilla Gauge

Our soon to launch Alma Papilla Gauge (patent applied) is a new addition to the Alma Range of Prosthetic Instruments.

The Alma Papilla Gauge combines tried and tested principles of facial height and superior Astek design technology to guarantee pinpoint accuracy in prosthetics techniques.




  • Measures the position of upper anterior teeth
  • Measuring accuracy reduces error and guesswork
  • Wide opening of flange allows clear visibility of the papilla
  • Vertical and unique horizontal scales prescribing tooth position in two dimensions
  • Easy to read laser etched scales
  • Easy one handed compact design
  • Suitable for both right and left hand use
  • Strong durable light weight construction
  • Used to measure lip and smile lines
  • Non rust, no dirt trapping plastic
  • Steam- autoclavable to 134°

The Alma Papilla Gauge uniquely has two scales that allows both vertical and horizontal recordings to be taken of the desired anterior tooth position.

An essential requirement for a successful denture is to prescribe the exact position of the upper anterior teeth at a correct vertical dimension. The Alma Papilla Gauge provides a new level of simplicity by achieving this in two dimensions. It is especially useful if the old denture has been severely damaged or is lost.

The Alma range of products offer a comprehensive and versatile contribution to successful prosthetics techniques used and recommended by leading dentists and technicians and appreciated by many patients.

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