Astek Innovations keeps things critically clear

Astek Innovations was proud to see one of its unique products make a debut appearance on Sky1 medical drama CR:IT:IC:AL

Critical is a 13-part series set in a major trauma centre and each show covers one story, in one place, in one hour. It's a gripping medical and emotional rollercoaster but it's also incredibly realistic.

If you look a little closer, you'll notice that during all surgical procedures the characters are wearing Pegasus Face Visors from Astek Innovations; essential costume attire for an authentic medical programme that portrays life or death medical treatment.

Critical's producer, Christopher Hall explained why these visors were chosen for the characters to wear: 'The design concept of Critical was driven by two factors, we wanted at all times to depict a real medical environment but also one at the very cutting edge of medical practice.

Pegasus Face Visors achieved just that; they protected both patient and doctor while looking very sexy and ultra modern. For film-making purposes there was the added bonus that the whole face of the actor was revealed to the camera rather than hidden behind an opaque mask.

This meant the audience had no visual barriers between them and the character, useful also in the real world of medicine and dentistry where a sympathetic and open relationship between practitioner and patient is so important.'

The excellent anti-glare properties of Pegasus Face Visors would also have been of huge benefit to the cast and crew of Critical, as the camera lighting would not have caused any reflective dazzle. Not only that, the material also resists fog, keeping them perfectly clear throughout filming.

Astek Innovations designed Pegasus Face Visors using high quality materials to avoid glare and fogging in order that vision is always clear for the wearer and to help maintain a trusting relationship with the patient. Pegasus Face Visors come in a kit with 12 disposable visors and a reusable, autoclavable frame. The frames are lightweight at only 9gms and are available in a choice of six colours to suit practice themes or personal preference. They are suitable for all dental staff including dentists, dental hygienists and therapists, and dental nurses.

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