A Custom Shape: created by you

The Transform Heat Mouldable Impression Tray is the latest development from the team at Astek Innovations. With good primary impressions being crucial to the quality of all subsequent stages the Transform Impression Tray addresses the additional challenges of taking impressions with improved morphology where unusual soft tissue, bone shape and tooth position exists.

Alan Segal, founder of Astek Innovations, is incredibly proud of this latest addition to the Astek range, saying “I know how frustrating it can be to sometimes not be able to achieve the quality of impression you need from a standard impression tray so we have developed this heat mouldable impression tray, made from thermo-plastic, which can be moulded at the chair side”.

Early users of the product include ZakiKanaanof K2 Dental, who commented “these trays are great for all indications. I have used them for denture and implant cases both open and closed techniques. Easily mouldable and adaptable for the case in hand. Very happy with them”

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